About Us

28 years of experience in textile production and export  marketing AYHAN DENIZCI TTEXTILE and further developing all the time In Turkey ideals are among the leading companies in home textiles and drapery fabric.

Marinero Home brand in the world market with exports to 46 countries so far have a voice and screen as a manufacturer of reliable and always updated continuously to offer the best investment approach will never give up continues today.
Marinero Home brand products to market integrity and honesty in the light of AYHAN DENIZCI TEXTILE basic principles as always standing behind our promises , our customers continue our production interests in mind.

Creativity and communication and exchange of ideas with established customer profuctivity developed and created boundless diversity of strategies and objectives in mind is created with the understanding of artistic production.

Our Quality

World standarts, quality and reliability of service , to respond in terms of practicing and developing environmentally responsible manner to produce a stable manner.

.all kinds of products are available at every stage of production with the possibilities of network quality , business ethics understanding of timely delivery , all work to look through the eyew of customersi dealing with different ideas as an alternative to our understanding of the service we offer to our customers.

Our Philosophy

The requested analysis of the product, material research , design weaving , coloring is created with the goal of making accurate and timely solution for the time with and understanding of philosophy is to create customer satisfaction.

Our strenght amd confiedence in a stable , honest, understanding and respect for human beings to take , more valuable services to our customers we continue to share successful.